Summer Activities

There is a huge amount of activities in the summer at Chatel from water activities, walking, mountain activites and
everything else in between.

Hiking and accompanied outings
Châtel Tourist Office and the National Forestry Commission have joined forces and have created a network of
signposted paths through the most interesting areas on the mountains. These paths are colour-coded with paint marks
on the ground and on adjacent trees and rocks. Crossroads mostly have accurate and informative signposts. There are
some 90km of signposted paths in Châtel, from the gentle 1 hour walk to the day-walk.
You can also choose groups outings, accompanied by qualified guides. Those professionals offer you each week
a full range of half-days, 1 day outings or several-days outings with board in a mountain refuge or chalet. There is
also possibility or trekking.
(Private hire: from 1 to 12 people).
2012 Prices:
from €12 per person
private hire of guide, 1/2 day: €100
private hire of guide, 1 day: € 165
1 day and a half outing with night in a hut: €265
2x1/2 day with night in a hut: €210

Themed trails
The Morclan trail.
With this path you’ll discover wonderful sceneries and learn more about fauna and flora, mountain surroundings,
without climbing.... it’s just going downhill.   

The Milka purple trail.
Follow this trail on the subject of the fauna and flora in the mountains to the Lac de la Mouille from the top of the
Super-Châtel gondola lift (charged but included in the Multi Pass).

The Water trail.
It’s in 2003, declared as the “Fresh water year” by the UNO, in the background of the Lake Vonnes (Châtel) and
Lake Morgins (Switzerland) twinning, that this path has been inaugurated. The path is signposted with wooden
water drops signs, with texts about water and environment.

The birds' trail.
With this trail you'll discover the mountain birds and particularly those you can see in Châtel, which means about
20 different sorts. All the way long, from the top of Bassachaux Col to the top of Rochassons, you'll learn how to
recognize them and all about their habitat, food and nesting.

Fun activity trail
Have fun with Rivari: hand in hand with Rivari, discover mountain’s wildlife settling thanks to the 7 challenges which
mark out this funny trail!Located close to the arrival of Super-Chatel gondolas. Suitable for children aged 3 years old
and over.

The Valais Alps and Mont Blanc are next door, giving easy access to the High Alps. You too can become one of that
band of famous mountaineers, walk across glaciers on crampons, and climb the most beautiful peaks rising to 10,000 ft to
13,000 ft!
Guided trips:   
• One-day glacier hikes:  Col de Toule, Across the Vallée Blanche,looking for Glacial Mills, etc.
• Two-day glacier hikes: Dôme de Miage (12,040 ft), etc.
• Two-day glacier hikes with via ferrata: Mer de Glace Balcony, etc.
• Two-day snow routes: Tête Blanche (11,250 ft), etc.
Day price: €87.50/person - minimum 4 people (does not include technical equipment and associated costs of meals,
ski lifts, etc.)

Rock climbing
The sites:
• Plaine Dranse rock climbing site: 23 routes from 5 to 10 m. With grades from 3 to 6+.
• Essert waterfall abseils: 1 route (left side) consisting of 9 abseils of 30m.

Topographical guides are available from the Tourist Office. 
Rock climbing on artificial wall:
(At Pont de Bioge)
Duration 2 hours. From 8 years old, minimum 7 pers. Price: €20/ pers. Children (group of 8) €120

Via Ferrata
The Via Ferrata of Saix des Miolènes is located in La Chapelle d'Abondance. The route climbs a very steep and
exposed rock face. It follows an attractive rocky route made up of a succession of ledges, corners and overhangs.
It consists of three separate sections: le cabri, le chamois and le bouquetin, with an option to use chains.
 There are several physically demanding sections of varying lengths in the 2nd and 3rd sections which are open
only to experienced via ferrata climbers or under close supervision.
Price: from €32 per person supervised (equipment provided) 
Unsupervised: Helmet, harness and lanyard hire per person from €12

Adventure trail
Zip wire, monkey bridge and more... A fun trail from tree to tree.
A range of routes for different abilities.
Duration 2 hrs. At Le Pont de Bioge (25 km from Châtel).
2012 Prices:
• Adults, with supervision........ €20
• Children, with supervision.... €17

Lifts in the summer
On your own or with family, walking or mountain biking, the ski lifts in Châtel are the effortless way to reach the
peaks and starting points of walks.
Leaving from the centre of the village, the Super-Châtel cablecar takes you up to 5400 ft, from where numerous
tracks leave across the alpine pasture and around the lakes. From there you can also take the Morclan chair-lift to
6460 ft with a panoramic view that will take your breath away;  the orientation table gives you the names of all the
peaks in sight. Morclan is also the perfect site for paragliders…
From the Pré-la-Joux village, four miles away, the Pierre-Longue chair-lift will take you directly to the summer
pasture village of Plaine-Dranse. From there, explore further afield by taking the Rochassons chair-lift ...
You can even go to Avoriaz by taking two other chairlifts.  

Super-Châtel cablecar: 9h to 16h45 (1) / 17h15 (2)
Morclan chairlift: 9h30 to 16h15 (1) /16h45 (2)
Pierre-Longue chairlift: 9h15 to 16h45 (1) /17h15 (2)
Rochassons chairlift: 9h30 to 16h50 (1) /17h (2)
(1)= last uphill (2)= last downhill

Paragliding Riding the dynamic air currents and thermals, he climbs, descends, stabilises, descends once more and
gains height again, imitating the eagle that one day accompanied him on his ride through the air. On a tandem flight,
with an adult or child, paragliding is always a source of joy and new experiences... From the air Châtel becomes an
inexhaustible moving spectacle!
Roping down including a waterfall section; a descent of up to 1000 ft taking up to four hours.
From 14 years old. Prices: 1/2 day €50

A sport where you slide through the water, with an ever-changing sensation of power and speed.
From 12 years old. Prices: from €38.

Explore the river in a two-man canoe. A pleasant descent for a wonderful shared.
From 12 years old. Prices: from €38

Beginners' and longer sections available.
From 8 years old. Prices: from €38.

Kayaking is the most fun you can have on a river.
From 12 years. Price: from €39/person.

Pitch and Putt
Ideal for both beginners and more experienced players...
 Compact 6-hole golf course open every day from 15th June and from 8am to 8pm.
2012 Rates:
•€8 one day, unlimited circuit.
•€3 club rental.

Mini golf
The miniature golf is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm, from 15th June to 9th September 2012.
2012 Price:  €3.50/pers.
Come and play tennis on our 8 courts, including 1 volleyball court, in stunning surroundings, whatever your level.
The tennis courts will be open from 5th April to 8th June , access free.
Open fee payable from 9th June to 9th September.
2012 prices per person:
1 hour: €10
Racket rental: €2

Swimming poolsThere are three pools: the large 25m pool, the medium-sized pool for children and the small pool
with water slide. And not forgetting a paddling pool with mushroom fountain for the little ones.
Opening periods and hours: prices from €4 per adult.

Bobsled run
Set among the spruce trees at Pré-la-Joux, the fun starts as soon as you begin the ascent in the built-in lift. After
passing through the woods you reach the steep section leading to the top, from where there is a panoramic view.
Then it's thrills guaranteed as you whizz down the 650 metres of the run with 7 bends at an average speed of 7 m/s.
1 run from €4.
Children under 1 m 25 (4 ft 1) must be accompanied by an adult . Children under 80cm/2.63 ft are not allowed.
Everyday from 29 June to 2 September: from 10 to 12.30 a.m and  from 1.30 to 6.30 p.m.
Tickets for sale on site or at the tourist board.

Situated on the Rubis piste in Pré-la-Joux, we have 20 unpowered karts for anyone who would like to try out a new
sports and leisure activity. You come down the piste at whatever speed you like and go back up again by hooking
the devalkart to the ski tow pole. Activity for children aged 10 and over.
1 run from €2. Everyday from 4th July to 2 September from 10 to 12.30a.m and from 1.30 to 6.30 p.m.
Tickets for sale on site or at the tourist board.

Skating rink
Located beside Lake Vonnes this artificial rink of 200m2 will please all the family.
 From end of June to begining of September:
- Monday to Friday  from 10am to 12am and from 4pm to 7pm
- Saturday and Sunday: from 4pm to 7pm
- Tuesday: evening session from 8pm to 10pm
Price from €6 per 2 hour session. © 2012

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